• Immediately Contact Your Insurance Company
If you have damage that needs immediate emergency repairs you should call a reputable local contractor to protect your property from futher damages.

  • Take Photos
Make sure if safe and possible to take photos of damages before repaired for the insurance companies records. Most insurance providers acess damages accurately. However they do overlook some damages and will be willing to re-inspect if additional damages are found.

  • Select Contractor
When selecting a contractor make sure the company is licensed and insured. Contractor should not trap you into any price or contract other than what insurance is willing to pay. This will be accessed by your insurance provider and they will issue you an Explanation of Benefits after your insurance adjuster has accessed your property.

Keep in mind that storm damage can be unseen by the untrained eye. Its best if you are in the path of storms to have a Free Evaluation done by a reputable local company. This service should be free without obligation to the evaluating company.

Hail damage is usually very obvious and visible damage will be seen. Wind damage is both seen and unseen. Lots of wind damage goes undetected and causes future problem if not repaired. Asphalt Shingles are sealed to each other with a seal strip and once that seal strip has been damaged it will no longer be waterproof.