About Us

General Contractor able to handle both Commercial and Residential construction services We specialize in Commercial and Residential Storm Damage Roofing. When we learned that 30 million tons of storm damaged shingles are disposed of in our US landfills annually; our goal became to facilitate those shingles. Because of our emphasis on roofing it was a natural fit for us to get involved in asphalt shingle recycling.

As a result of our network of contractors who have decades of experience in storm repairs throughout the nation, New Image Group LLC has the ability to General Contract a great volume of work. New Image Group LLC has over 200 roofing sub-contractors who not only place a New Roof on your home/business, but they bring the discarded shingles to our dump sites for recycling. 

We started in 2001 as roofing and siding sub-contractors; by 2002 we were a complete home builder and whole home renovators. . By year 2006 we were building 30 plus new homes a year and renovating up to 100 per year. As time went on we were called on to help roof wind and hail storms across the US. When we entered the storm stricken cities we knew we had to do something about the mass accumulation of asphalt shingles that are being buried in us landfills. Then we merged the roofing with recycling and here we are today still roofing and making our mark with our partners to become one of the largest asphalt shingle recyclers.